Alan Shearer gets tongue-tied by putting Spain success down to `sex`

Jul 03, 2012, 15:34 IST | ANI

English football great, Alan Shearer lately saw his tongue get the better of him as he deems Spain's success to 'sex'.

English footie legend Alan Shearer was left red-faced, after he put Spain’s Euro glory down to sex.

During his commentary on the BBC, the former England skipper got tongue-tied and mixed up the words “success” and “sex”.

In another context the SunSport columnist might have got away with the blooper, but he ended up saying: “It’s the hunger and the desire from these guys, because let’s not forget these guys have had an unbelievable amount of sex ... success.”

Alan Shearer. Photo: AFP

A clip of the gaffe was uploaded onto the web within minutes, and Shearer was soon trending on social network site Twitter, the Sun reported.

Whether it was the extra nookie or just more determination, it’s clear that the Spanish team were a cut above England.

Shearer blasted England squad’s poor showing at the championships in his column in Sun on Sunday.

“If we accept this level of performance, then we have given up on England,” he wrote.

“Have we dropped so far down the pecking order that we are applauding England for trying hard and being well-organised?

“That is the least you should expect from any side. I cannot remember the last time the nation celebrated the team getting out of our group. We are getting progressively worse if you look at our performances in the last three major tournaments we qualified for,” he added.

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