Album review: Standing at the Sky's Edge

Jul 13, 2012, 11:32 IST | Lindsay Pereira

A contemporary album that sounds as if it were recorded in the aftermath of Woodstock

That was this critic’s first reaction a minute into the opening track, She Brings the Sunlight. It’s what the song sounds like, with its wash of guitars (is there also a sitar lurking in the mix?) and gravely voice that compels one to presume it was recorded in a bathroom.

Acting as a counterpoint to this are the lyrics — at times melancholic (Don’t Stare At The Sun), at other times bucolic (Down in the Woods), sometimes focusing on sad lives at the periphery (Standing at the Sky’s Edge), and at other times almost cathartic (Leave Your Body Behind You).

On Seek It, sitting pretty at the midway mark, Hawley sings: ‘I had a dream and you were in it. We got naked, can’t remember what happened next.’  There really isn’t anyone writing like this at the moment. Go, get it. 

- Standing At The Sky’s Edge, Richard Hawley, EMI, Rs 395 

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