Album review: Topiwalleh

May 20, 2012, 09:47 IST | Yolande D'Mello

'Sir pe haath dale Khali pet mare, topiwalleh...' Giving a new anthem to the common man, Swarathma passionately sings about rajneeti and dedicates the title track to all the babus of the nation.

Tip your Gandhi topi to the Bengaluru-based band that adds satire to a catchy folk tune. If you like the song, be sure to check out the video.

The models aren’t attractive, but they’re regulars on prime time news channels and you are sure to recognise a few big names — the Gandhi family, Narendra Modi, Karunanidhi and superstar Anna Hazare. Sing along ‘...mathe pe laal teeka. Khoon wahi hai kaala.’

If you don’t like their song Koorane that talks about obsessive consumerism in society, you can always cheer yourself up with some retail therapy. We especially liked Rishton Ka Raasta with its metaphors and guitar solos. Next on the playlist, Khul Ja Re (sim-sim) is a hopeful song with an upbeat rhythm, followed by Ghum with dark undertones. Don’t miss Naane Daari. We didn’t understand the lyrics of this Kannada disco-funk song but the album pull-out, which displayed a young man with wind-swept hair holding the magic Naane Daari potion, made us more than curious.

We loved Aaj Ki Taaza Fikar purely for the tongue-in-cheek approach to sensationalism in news. Listen carefully for the day’s top headlines delivered in crisp newsreader panache.

The album saves Yeshu, Allah Aur Krishna for their last track, singing about communalism in the nation of ‘unity in diversity’, asking pertinent questions and making their point through song which goes, ‘Yeshu, Allah Aur Krishna...Kaun bhagwan hai apna?’ Swarathma’s unique style, their utter disregard towards songs about that same old love story and their watchdog attitude towards current affairs is the best part of this album.  

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