Album reviews: Sinners Never Sleep

Oct 14, 2012, 10:29 IST | Lindsay Pereira

Do you like the band Blink 182? What about Thrice? Or Incubus?

These three (all American, incidentally) have been listed as ‘main influences’ by the English rock band You Me at Six. If you’re wondering about the name, they reportedly chose it because it’s what they used to tell friends while making arrangements to catch up on Friday nights.

Anyway, to get to the point, their influences ought to give you a pretty good idea of what to expect — a mix of pseudo pop and rock with lyrics ranging from plain cheesy to incredibly cheesy. Take the opener, Loverboy, for instance: ‘Hell had you by the throat, you never got to heaven, but you got real close, your past has you in a chokehold…’ It carries on this vein for a few more minutes before the chorus kicks in: ‘Loverboy, you’re playing those hearts like toys, don’t you feel bad, feel bad for them?’ It’s like something written for fans of the Twilight series.

The second track, Jaws on the Floor, doesn’t fare any better. Sample: ‘I smile at all my enemies. I lead a life of positivity. I deflect curses thrown my way.’ It’s as if the Dalai Lama were asked to do a voiceover over a couple of guitar solos. From that point on, the awful stuff keeps coming — ‘I do my best to make amends with you, but I just can’t see the end’ (Reckless); ‘A golden girl with golden hair, when I was with her everybody stared’ (The Dilemma). One tends to get the drift soon enough.

The only track that doesn’t cloy is Little Bit of Truth, but it arrives close to the end of the album. By then, one assumes most listeners will simply have switched to Green Day or something. A pity. 

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