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Jan 22, 2013, 01:12 IST | Dhara Vora

Worried by the spate of horrific incidents related to women's safety of late? We took the matter by the neck, and enrolled for a Krav Maga self-defence workshop. Here's how you could benefit from it

Several people might be aware of the term Krav Maga, thanks to its mention in popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother. But comical situations regarding angry girlfriends aside, this Israeli combat martial art form of self-defence can benefit everyone from kids to adults. We decided to attend an hour-long women’s self-defence workshop by Krav Maga Global and ended up feeling capable of holding our own.

We rehearse the combat technique for a frontal attack at the self-defence workshop

It’s not a miracle art — the entire training for Krav Maga is divided into five levels, and one has to keep learning, constantly, and practising it with full dedication. But, an hour-long session was a great example of how this form of martial art can improve one’s mental and physical strength and also make you feel secure.
We reached their Bandra venue, keen to learn how to fly a few kicks, and Elroy Vaz, Instructor and Regional Representative of Krav Maga Global, India, began our session with a customary bow, saying ‘Kida’.

After a few warm-up and stretching exercises, Vaz gives us some advice, “It’s important to not get into victim mode. Once you show your attacker that his physical presence or verbal threats or abuses or intimidates you, you give him the advantage. But the fact, the woman who is being attacked is capable of attacking back works towards the woman’s advantage, and can help free yourself.”

The workshop was divided into different sections that would deal with different ways of attacking, from your back, side, in a passage and others. We first started with a front grab with the possibility of our arms being free, and Vaz demonstrated how concentrating on a few pressure points, one can free themselves, here by thumbing the eyeballs of the assaulter, whipping the head back and a groin kick.

The combat technique for a back attack at the self-defence workshop

Next, we moved on to a body grab where one’s hands could be held, “Here again, you could utilise your element of surprise and hit the groin with your palms, as the attacker would never expect a woman to ever touch him there,” says Vaz. We proceeded to different sides of attack and realised how with simple moves of Krav Maga, one could defend with their bare hands. And every move that Vaz demonstrated looked like deadly dance routines you would stick to save your life.

It works well in a controlled environment where we practised our different modes of groin kicks chest shoves and jaw punches, but does the brain react in an orderly manner in cases of emergency? “Once, you begin to learn Krav Maga, everyday, it is advisable to practise the moves for at least 15 minutes everyday; it could be done while watching TV or listening to music. But this helps, as Krav Maga relies on muscle memory, as once your body gets used to the flow of the movements, it will come to you, automatically,” reassures Vaz.

Krav Maga Global could organise two-part self defence workshops for groups as per your venue. Cost for five-level student Krav Maga training course is `1,800 per month.

At KCA, Veronica Road, off Waroda Road, behind St Peter’s Church, Bandra (W).
Call 9821273715/ 9820059070

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