Ali Fazal is being confused with Ali Zafar!

Aug 02, 2014, 07:10 IST | Sonali Joshi Pitale

Ali Fazal has been receiving calls meant for fellow actor Ali Zafar

Ali Fazal is a harrowed man. For quite some time now, the actor has been receiving calls from Lucknow-based event organiser, Jai Singh Talwar, asking him to come down and do a live show in the city.

Ali Fazal  Ali Zafar
Ali Fazal and Ali Zafar

It turns out that the organiser has been calling him up mistaking him to be Pakistani singer-turned-actor, Ali Zafar. A source says, “Ali Fazal and his team have repeatedly tried to explain the truth, but the organiser chooses to not believe him. He thinks that it’s Ali Zafar coming up with an excuse, as he doesn’t want to perform.”

Understandably, the actor is said to be tired of this episode and doesn’t know what to do. Ali Fazal says, “I have been getting calls from an event organiser asking me to sing at a special show.

I told him jokingly that I sing only in the bathroom, as I am not Ali Zafar, the singer but Ali Fazal, the actor. But he thinks that I am just making excuses. I have even shared with him Ali Zafar's manager’s number, but he just doesn’t listen.”

Jai Singh admits that he was confused between the two Alis. He says, “ I got a phone number for Ali Zafar from one of my acquaintances. There was a lot of confusion and since I had already committed to organising the event, I had to keep calling him.

But I realise that I had contacted the wrong Ali; the issue has been sorted out and I now know that Ali Fazal is an actor and not a singer. Now I am looking for another option instead.”

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