Ali Fazal: Silicon Valley will crash without Indians

Feb 23, 2017, 09:40 IST | Mohar Basu

Ali Fazal's latest Hollywood film For Here Or To Go takes on the crucial immigration issue in Donald Trump's America

Ali Fazal
Ali Fazal

Even as the controversy surrounding the H-1B visa rages on, an Indo-American film based on immigration issues is slated to hit theatres. Starring Ali Fazal, For Here Or To Go is set against the backdrop of recession and a series of comedy events that show the harsh reality of immigration issues faced by thousands of people in the US.

In the film, Ali is an aspirant for a lucrative job offer in Silicon Valley, but his job position is dissolved following recession. "Now as the immigration issue has become a global conversation owing to reform in US laws, leaving the world divided, this film is more relevant than ever before. America is run by immigrants. Silicon Valley will crash without Indians or, let's just say, Asians. This is a fun film taking on a serious problem. Most immigrants today live in fear of being kicked out any time," he says.

The film's premiere is in mid-March, but Ali won't be able to make it — the event will clash with the last leg of his Hollywood film, Victoria and Abdul. In the same vein, he mentions having a valid visa already. Calling US President Donald Trump a 'dictator', he adds, "One can see similarities between Trump and Hitler. Calling the press fake was a stretch; the '30s saw Hitler bring down Munich Post for writing against him."

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