Alia Bhatt becomes the target of jokes during India-Pakistan World Cup match

Feb 17, 2015, 13:30 IST | The Hitlist Team

During the India versus Pakistan World Cup match on Sunday, jokes on Twitter about Alia Bhatt's ignorance became the talk of the town

Chulbuli Pandey

Alia Bhatt still can't get away from memes that target her. During the India versus Pakistan World Cup match, jokes on Twitter about her ignorance did the rounds. Here's a sample... "Commentator: "Sohail Khan just got the wicket of Rohit Sharma."

Alia Bhatt: "Being Human ka charity match chal raha hai kya?"

Alia Bhatt
Alia Bhatt

Then Alia Bhatt called Salmanbhai and asked, "Why Is Sohail Khan playing from Pakistan's side?"

She may have tried to be the 'genius of the year', but it will take a while for Alia to shrug off her 'dumb girl' tag after her faux pas on Karan Johar's chat show over a year ago.

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