Alia Bhatt: Shah Rukh Khan is like a walking-talking sexipedia

Updated: Nov 28, 2016, 10:34 IST | Mohar Basu |

In a freewheeling chat Alia Bhatt talks about Shah Rukh Khan, her next Dear Zindagi, love, life and well, Louis Vuitton

Alia BhattAlia Bhatt

Her choice of roles belie her experience in showbiz, but Alia Bhatt explains there is "no checkbox to tick" when she hears out a story. "When the last line of the film is read during narration, I usually know if I want to take it up. It is mostly a gut feeling," she says.

However, there is obviously a flip side to working too hard and getting burned out too soon. "People ask if I will burn out, but I know I won't because I don't think about it at all. The more you analyse things, the less fun you have." Clearly, when one has a co-star as energetic as Shah Rukh Khan, talking about 'doing too much in too little time'
may not be apt conversation.

But does work leave her with little time for romance? The actress is careful to not comment on her relationship status or delve into rumours of a break-up with Sidharth Malhotra. Instead, she chooses to share her funda on love. "I have learnt to enjoy my own company a lot more than I used to earlier. I am not overtly romantic. I am not reticent, but I don't express emotions easily. But, that doesn't mean I don't believe in true love, magic or soul mates. I believe in 'old lobster couples walking claw-in-claw'," she says, referring to a popular 'Friends' episode.

Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

Alia would rather talk about her 'Dear Zindagi' co-star Shah Rukh Khan, who is everything like Dr Jehangir Khan, his character in the Gauri Shinde film. "He is like a walking-talking sexipedia — he insists on being called that because labelled an encyclopedia is too passé. From talking about how Louis Vuitton started off to quoting poets and their philosophies, he opens up a whole new world to people. He isn't one to catch hold of you and give gyaan. But when you get chatty with him, he has interesting stories to tell. He taught me to be bold and take risks without an ounce of self-doubt, which is something I will always remember. It is good to be bad," says the 23-year-old actress.

Not like there isn't a Peter Pan hiding somewhere in her. She is a tad upset with her 'hi-fi' co-star because he finished watching Hollywood film 'Trumbo' without her. "We started it together and he has been going around telling people what a lovely movie it is," she adds, with a grumpy pout.

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