All's cool with Atif Aslam, says Farhan Saeed

Nov 20, 2012, 09:04 IST | Special Features

It's been a quite a number of years that Aatif Aslam left the band Jal to create his own identity here in Bollywood as a playback singer.

And now recently, Farhan Saeed who was the lead vocalist of Jal too has quit the band. When CS asked Farhan if he was in touch with Aatif, the singer who was in Mumbai recently said, “No, we're not in touch.

He has a busy life and I lead a busy life as well. Out of 365 days, I live 265 out of my suitcase. But whenever we have met in Pakistan, it has been cordial. I haven’t met him after parting with Jal though. We’re both mature people and it’s all cool between us.” The feeling’s mutual we hope!

Aatif Aslam

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