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Oct 15, 2014, 06:06 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

Metal band Scribe is slated to perform in Pune and launch their new album Hail Mogambo. the guide chatted with them for the dope

Hardcore Metal band Scribe is all set to launch their new album Hail Mogambo. The album launch will see Urban Funk, Electro and Pop Rock performances by Dark Circle Factory.

Music band Scribe

Scribe is one of the best Metal bands in the country. They are known to fuse humour with their performance, and are among the few bands to have performed outside the country.

The band members include Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy (vocals), Prashant Shah (guitars), Akshay Rajpurohit (guitars), Shrinivas Sunderrajan (bass) and Virendra G Kaith (drums).

Speaking about the album, guitarist Prashant Shah states, “Hail Mogambo, as a story, picks up where Mark of Teja left off. The difference is that there is a bigger evil than Teja or the faction.

Sonically, the difference is that it’s on a different tuning than our previous work, which dictates the mood of the album as well. It’s aggressive yet melodic. It has scatty breakdowns and grand flourishes. As opposed to the previous albums (which took a few months to record and release) Hail Mogambo has been in the works for almost three years.”

Shah adds that the Pune crowds are open to this kind of music.

The band has also built up a reputation for itself as one of the most technically proficient bands on the Indian Metal scene. They have released a video of the song One Wing Pencil from the EP-generated publicity for the band which landed it a slot on the Segarams Great Indian Rock Tour, opening for Freak Kitchen, Sagh and Satyricon.

On: October 15, 9 pm onwards
At: Blue Frog, Yerwada.
Entry: Free

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