All ears for a foreign invasion

Jul 06, 2012, 10:54 IST | Ruchika Kher

This weekend, the city's music buffs are spoilt for choice. You can either choose to groove to the heady sounds of EDM courtesy a popular Israeli Producer-DJ or soak in an evening of spectacular piano played by a Spanish star-in-the-making

He is one of the frontrunners of the House music scene in Israel and now, Guy J, the young DJ and music producer, who will be in the city for his maiden performance, is geared to make Mumbaikars groove to his pulsating sounds.

“This is my third tour of India but my first in Mumbai. I’m looking forward to playing some amazing Electronic music,” he states. Guy J, who will be spinning music from his console in the city today, released his debut album, Esperanza in 2008. His sound is famous for its tight beats, shimmering synths and an interesting mix of arrangements. Although the music that he doles out from his turntable falls under the genres of House, Techno and Electronica, the DJ tries and maintains a melodic core to his music too.

Israeli DJ and music producer Guy J

Throwing light on his upcoming act, Guy J explains, “I play a lot of my own music. Right now, I’m having a really productive time in the studio, so I’ll play quite a bit of my recent works. As always, there is also great music from other producers, good energy music; I intend to mix all of these too.”

The DJ is also particularly thrilled that India is merging as a major destination for Electronic Dance Music (EDM): “I’m happy that I’m coming to India more often at this stage. I notice the difference in the crowds each time, people seem to be getting more involved. The EDM scene is definitely looking at an upward trend in India.”

Along with his acts around the world, the artist is busy with the work involving the release of his label, Lost & Found. “I’ll release the label on July 23. The first release on the label will be my original track with a massive remix by Guy Mantzur and Sahar Z.” We’re listening.

After an entrancing performance by noted pianist Terry Riley earlier this year, Western Classical music aficionados can soothe their quest for captivating music as Spain’s young pianist, Eduardo Fernandez will give the city a taste of his talent at his debut performance in India. “India is a country of worldwide reference. I’ve always been captivated by its wonderful people and awesome culture. So, when I was asked to perform here for a recital, I felt hugely successful. It will be my debut in India. I face this recital with a great eagerness and responsibility,” says Eduardo Fernandez.

Fernández’s repertoire extends from baroque to contemporary, including all of the etudes by Rachmaninov and Chopin. As far as his recital in Mumbai is concerned, it will mainly include pieces of Brahms, Schumann, Albéniz, Rachmaninov and Stravinsky.” I’ve chosen a repertoire that ranges from the most intimate romanticism of Brahms to Schumann's most symphonic. After a point through Spanish music of Albéniz, I’ll lead in a selection of Etudes-Tableaux by Rachmaninov to end with the virtuosic, rhythmic and full of liveliness Petrouchka by Stravinsky. This programme covers key works of piano literature and I hope Mumbai’s audience enjoy it,” he shares.

Spanish pianist Eduardo Fernandez

Fernandez admits having a strong liking for India — from its musicians to its artists, the country has left a deep impact on the pianist and he has a list of favourites. “I know about Zubin Mehta. I also know about Pandit Ravi Shankar, thanks to his collaborations with Western Classical music. As an art lover, I like the colourful, brightness and sparkle of artists as MF Hussain and a few others. Between actual artists, I saw something of the monumentality of Jitish Kallat in an exposition in Madrid,” adds Fernandez.

“It would be great to collaborate with an Indian musician since I appreciate Indian culture a lot. For me, it would be a privilege to collaborate with one of them; I’d love to accomplish this sort of new experience,” he concludes.

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