All for you, father

Mar 25, 2014, 10:00 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Inspired by his father’s (Late Shambhu Prasad Baukhandi) celebrated artwork, Dinesh Baukhandi has come up with his own vision on the Ajanta Caves. He’ll be displaying his art in the city for the first time

Masters Blessings is an exclusive exhibition on Ajanta paintings by Dinesh Baukhandi who has dedicated it to his father and renowned painter late Shambhu Prasad Baukhandi. An engineer by profession, Dinesh Baukhandi is a self-taught painter who started taking interest in the art form due to his father’s practice. “My father was a known painter and a fine arts graduate from the Lucknow School of Art. In his job, he was appointed by the Archaeological Survey of India to do the reproduction of Ajanta paintings. He served there for about 35 years. I remember going there during my school vacations and seeing the beautiful artwork for hours. I used to see my father working and painting. From here, I developed painting as my hobby!” recollects Dinesh. But painting did not happen to Baukhandi right away. He graduated as an engineer and continued working in the automobile industry for 37 years. But after the death of his father in 1992, Dinesh retired from his profession and took up painting full-time.

Dinesh’s artwork is inspired by the Ajanta caves 

Though the artist has displayed his work elsewhere the country, it is his first outing in Pune. “I have worked on different mediums and topics but I chose to exhibit my work on Ajanta caves as it is very close to me and it is the only Indian art that has displayed such minute details and extravagant colours. I love the colours of the paintings and sculptures at Ajanta caves — chrome yellow and red. Their beauty fascinated me to adapt them on my canvas,” exclaims the artist.

Artist Dinesh Baukhandi at work

The exhibition will be inaugurated by well-known senior artist Sudhakar Chavan.

Till March 30
At Ayatana Art Gallery, near Golibar Maidan chowk, Camp.
Call 26344111

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