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Sep 30, 2011, 11:03 IST | Priyanjali Ghose

Stand up comedian Dan Nainan, who performed in the city on World Heart Day, shares how he cures hearts in a quick chat

Stand up comedian Dan Nainan, who performed in the city on World Heart Day,  shares how he cures hearts in a quick chat

It was the determination to do away with the fear of public speaking that made Indo- American computer engineer Dan Nainan turn into a stand up comedian. Famous for his pokes at contemporary cosmopolitan lifestyle, Nainan, tells MiD DAY what makes laughter an essential part of life.

Laughter is the best medicine because...
Life without laughter can kill you. Laughter gives a break from the stressful lifestyle that we lead today. It, accompanied by healthy eating and exercising, is best for your heart. I am glad that I can help people's hearts by providing laughter.

How would you describe your humour?
I would like to believe it is clean and intelligent humour. There is no vulgarity in it. I also don't like taking digs on people sitting at the front row. It is generally about politicians and absurd things that I observe. While driving to the city from the airport, I realised why Bangalore has no casino. It is because driving here is like gambling.

What is the must-have quality in a stand up comedian?
A comedian should know how to poke fun at himself. It works best when you can crack a joke on yourself.

What do you do when you go blank on stage?
It is an illusion that the comedian talks from his head. It is like being an actor with scripted lines in your mind. But if you go blank it can be unnerving if you suddenly are at a loss of words. Recently, I performed for some senior citizens and their average age was around 82 years. I realised that nobody was laughing at my jokes. After the show, an old lady with walker came up and said, 'We are disappointed. We walked a long way for your performance.'

How is the Indian audience different from the rest of the world?
I had performed in a few Indian cities in 2009. Indian audience has the ability to laugh at themselves. In many cities, people get offended. Indian culture is all about happiness, joy and laughter. For example, Bollywood is all about being happy and dancing around trees.

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