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Apr 23, 2012, 07:42 IST | Soma Das

Clyde D'Souza's quirky book, Kissing Ass teaches novices the art of office politics, with tips on how to land a job, survive, get a 100% increment and how to call it quits

Mumbai boy Clyde D’Souza that believes working is similar to waging war as you try to be in the boss’ good books, handle tricky drinking sessions, squeeze in time to play Angry Birds and enjoy bitching sessions by the water cooler. Through tongue-in-cheek charts, chuckle-filled illustrations and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), D’Souza simplifies and explains the art of email jujutsu (waging war over email), the fine print of your offer letter, the highs and lows of chai / smoke break ,bonding and the essential workplace friends to keep (the IT guy, the porn king, the love guru, etc). The 35-year-old author, who is associated with a TV channel has produced shows and written scripts. Excerpts from the interview:

Author Clyde D’Souza tries his hand at a new profession

What inspired you to write this?
This book is dedicated to us, the working class, who aren’t born as Bachchans nor do we own IPL teams; we have no choice but to drag our butts to work, to get paid every month.

What sets it apart from the other self-help books?
I would think of this as an anti self-help book. There are a zillion books on leadership, motivation and efficiency but in most cases we just want to get through the day without shooting someone! This book is about dealing with everyday issues like how to write emails, bunk work, or have sex in
the office!

Are you afraid of a backlash from your ex and current employers based on the comments made in the book?
I would be overjoyed if there was a bit of backlash or controversy. Na-ah, I am hoping everyone has a good laugh or at least, uses it as a paperweight.

Kissing  ASS, Clyde D’Souza, Random House India, Rs 150. Available at leading bookstores.

What was the experience like, to work on this book? Was it tough to include humour into a business-centric book?
I took everyday situations and looked at the best way to deal with them. For example — if you have a hangover, the best ploy would be to pretend to be in a meeting but hide inside the loo all day.

What is your quick-fix mantra for success at work?
Nothing succeeds like hard work. And, straightening your hair. Ask Sachin (Tendulkar). But it always helps to learn the art of office politics because let’s face it — politics is not restricted to the government. All of us play politics whether in relationships, cricket or in the office. If we use it in the right way, we can succeed or at least, survive.

Which part of the book did you enjoy writing the most?
The sequel. I have already started working on it. 

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