All is not well between these telly couples

May 12, 2014, 15:07 IST | Sonali Joshi Pitale

Trouble has been brewing between TV couples Kamya Punjabi-Karan Patel and Sneha Wagh-Aadesh Chaudhary

Kamya Punjabi and Karan Patel were said to have become close friends recently, but it looks like their new friendship has not lasted long. A source says, “Kamya and Karan bonded big time during the recently-concluded Box Cricket League (BCL) where Kamya owned a team.

Kamya Punjabi, Karan Patel and Aadesh Chaudhary, Sneha Wagh
Kamya Punjabi, Karan Patel and Aadesh Chaudhary, Sneha Wagh

Karan was seen attending a few matches in support of her team. However, it turns out that all is not well between them now. He didn’t even turn up for the tournament’s success bash and it seems that he has stopped interacting with her.”

Meanwhile, the grapevine says that Sneha Wagh and her rumoured beau, Aadesh Chaudhary have also split. An onlooker says, “Sneha and Aadesh never admitted to their relationship; they always said that they are good friends. But the fact remains that throughout the BCL season, they spend time together and even looked comfortable in each other’s company. However, at the BCL success party, Aadesh was seen maintaining a distance from Sneha; he even left early.”

All the four TV actors remained unavailable for comment.

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