All those 'great' punny stories about Wimbledon

Jun 26, 2013, 00:41 IST | Ranjona Banerji

The headlines in the Sun's sport section competed with each other for excess and success.

‘Thanks Perry Much’ was the headline for Andy Murray’s straight sets victory over Germany’s Benjamin Becker. Apparently, Murray broke a record held by Fred Perry (something he apparently does regularly but the evil non-British media pays no attention to) by winning his 107th match at a major.

‘Sorry, Raf’ was the headline for Rafael Nadal and his rather shocking first round exit at the hands of Belgium’s Steve Darcis. The story that was under this headline however found that it could not stray from Murray!

‘The Fed Express Steams Past Vic’ made puns on Federer’s name, the train analogy and Victor Hanescu’s name! Now that’s talent. The 100 word copy however did manage to mention Andy Murray, which is some achievement. Wednesday may well concentrate on Laura Robson’s victory over Maria Kirilenko.

Serena vs Sharapova
The battle between Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova over ex-boyfriends, current boyfriends, each other’s boyfriends is all over the press and has now spread everywhere — including Roger Federer’s press conference yesterday.

He had nothing to say on the matter (men are wise to stay away where angels fear to tread) but Maria Sharapova has made it clear that she does not play tennis to emulate Dale Carnegie: “I’m not really friendly or close to many players.” Yes, we gathered.

A story in the Times talked about how Serena Williams is not the only person upset with Sharapova — so are child health experts. Not about her boyfriends but her confectionary brand Sugarpova and its effect on children.

The sweetness did not work on Williams, it may be noted. The Times also feels that Murray has a chance to win Wimbledon whether the British like it or not; which shows shades of India’s attitude to Indian cricket.

The Daily Mail provided a long list of celebrities who graced the first day, starting with related-to-royalty Pippa Middleton, as well as the daughters of the popular serial Downton Abbey, music star Red-foo (to be seen whenever Victoria Azarenka plays), Olympic gold medallist Danielle Lewis, supermodel Naomi Campbell and Glee star Matthew Morrison.

The Guardian also concentrated on ‘British woe as local hopes fall at first hurdle’ in spite of Murray’s victory, discussed Nadal’s loss and wondered who would win the tournament. Indeed, as do we all. Is tennis to Britain what cricket is to India wondered a Guardian columnist. Come on, how can that even be possible, right? 

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