All is not well between Salman and Sonakshi?

Aug 20, 2012, 11:25 IST | Shaheen Parkar

Sonakshi Sinha was conspicuous by her absence from the several screenings of Salman Khan's latest film 'Ek Tha Tiger', sparking speculations about personal equations between the two

B-Town has been buzzing about Sonakshi Sinha being missing at the screenings that Salman Khan held for his recent release. Considering that the star held a plethora of previews as well as showings on the day of the film’s release as well for his family, friends and several industry folk, Sona was conspicuous by her absence. The no-show of Dabangg Sallu’s Rajjo has been duly noted by industry folk and again raised speculation about the Sallu-Sona equation of late.

Sonakshi Sinha

No luck needed
Interestingly, when Sonakshi, who is promoting her forthcoming film, was asked about Salman’s film at a recent event in Mumbai she had quipped, “He doesn’t need any good luck wishes, his luck is already running very strong.”

Salman Khan

Quiet on the blog
Shotgun Junior, who is normally on an overdrive mode on her micro-blogging site, has also preferred to keep mum about Sallu’s film in the virtual world. But Sonakshi did not forget to tweet about Ekta Kapoor’s comic caper Kya Super Kool Hai Hum. She stated on her site, “Pls rename to Kya super duper funny hai hum... I’m still going mad laughing.” Interestingly she is part of Ekta’s upcoming film starring Akshay Kumar.

Spreading gossip
Says an insider, “Ever since Salman realised that Sonakshi had been filling in with the details of their film’s going-ons to other Bollywood folk, he has been irked. He felt she should not be gossiping about him to others. Also, of late there has been all the talk about how lucky she has been for Akshay Kumar. This further added to the growing distance between them.”

Set details
It may be recalled that in April there was buzz that Sona had been sharing details of what was happening on the sets of the sequel. When Salman apparently had a difference with his producer-director brother Arbaaz, Sonakshi had blurted it out on the sets of her Ajay Devgn film. Also when some dancers were sent back during a song shoot. Apparently Sallu did not take it too kindly for revealing the details. After all, when you rub Sallu the wrong way, he does not take it kindly. Think of SRK and VO!  

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