All the world's a zoo

Oct 05, 2012, 01:51 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Kolkata-based Electronica band, Zoo, is coming to the city to enthrall audiences with their eclectic compositions which talk of caged life in a metro

This weekend night, you can enjoy listening to the Electronica music of Kolkata-based band, Zoo. Their upcoming performance will portray the essence of metropolitan life.

Performing for the first time in the city, the band members are enthusiastic about their gig. Guitarist Bodhisattwa Ghosh, says, “Personally, I have performed in Pune for a couple of times. But as a band, it is our first time and we are totally keyed up! The city audience is known to be fascinating and we will surely live up to their expectations as we will be performing 11 original tracks from our album. Be ready for interesting Contemporary Rock music fused with Organic and Digital sounds.”

Music band Zoo

The band’s title depicts the proximity in the new age society where everyone is behind a hypothetical cage of social barriers which resembles a zoo. “Being a band from a metro city, our performances depict the hectic life of the city and anyone who hails from a metro can co-relate to our recitals. Though our songs do not openly envisage anything, the audiences are always open to interpret for themselves.” The band consists of four members — Tanya Sen (vocals, triggers), Rohit Nandi (drums) and Proshanto Mahato (bass) along with Ghosh (synthesisers, guitars, lyrics).

Zoo is also geared up to head to Bangkok for an exclusive performance this year.

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