Along with rally, Purohit too a hit

May 27, 2012, 08:21 IST | Varun Singh

The success of the national executive meet has earned the city BJP president a second term and the attention of national leaders including Narendra Modi and BS Yeddurappa

Along with Nitin Gadkari, who has been elected BJP party president for the second time, the supporters of city president Raj Purohit are celebrating, too.

According to party sources, Purohit is now likely to get an unobstructed second chance for the post of city chief, as the proposal passed at the national executive meet now enables every party president to get two consecutive terms.

The success of the national executive meet has brought Purohit in the view of every of national leader. “During the event, Purohit was present when all the leaders arrived and left. This has helped him mark his presence at the event more than any other leader in Maharashtra,” a leader said, on condition of anonymity.

All the big leaders, including Narendra Modi and BS Yeddurappa, were present at the meet. According to a party leader, every leader was against the rally except Purohit. “Every leader advised him against the rally because vacations are on and gathering large crowds seemed impossible. But he went ahead with the rally and made it a success. This is another feather in Purohit’s cap, as not only Modi spoke at the rally, but a large crowd turned up to hear him too,” said the leader.

At the rally, Purohit said that skeptics thought the rally would not be a success, but was glad that they had been proved wrong.

However, many of Purohit detractors do not want to see him in the second term. But it seems like time will swing in his favour.  

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