Amanda Seyfried gets raunchy in latest promo of upcoming biopic 'Lovelace'

Jul 11, 2013, 02:46 IST | ANI

In a new trailer from Amanda Seyfried's upcoming flick 'Lovelace', the actress can be seen in full sync with her on-screen avatar of the famous porn star, Linda Lovelace.

The two-minute clip starts with the Seyfried’s character talking about her hit X-rated movie ‘Deep Throat’ that was responsible for making Lovelace such a sensation, the Daily Express reported.

Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried

In the video, the ‘Dear John’ star told a reporter the porno film is just like any other movie for her, except it has so many other better things in it.  The reporter then asked her “Like what”, and Lovelace replied with “Like me”.

The forthcoming film, which also stars Sharon Stone and James Franco, is based on Lovelace’s rise to fame after meeting Chuck Traynor and moving to New York, where she began making porn films.

The risque film not only shows Seyfried sporting pretending to give oral sex, but it also shows her getting it in Lovelace’s family home. 

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