Watch video: 'Friendly' leopard out for a stroll along with two peacocks

Feb 08, 2017, 08:04 IST | Ranjeeet Jadhav

Here's a sight you are not going to regularly be treated to, so enjoy it. In a 2-minute video, it appears that a leopard went for a walk with a couple of peacocks and didn't mind the company 

Inter-species intermingling went to a whole new level with this leopard and peacocks out on a walk together. Pics/Shashi Kant

Here's a sight you are not regularly treated to: A predator walking in step with its so-called prey. You may even be forgiven if you mistake this footage from Deolali near Nashik, of a leopard and two peacocks, as that of friends out for a quiet walk.

Biologist and wildlife expert, Dr Vidya Athreya, renowned for her study on leopards, said, “Usually, there is the myth that big cats attack without any reason, which is wrong because except for humans, no other animal does that.

Animals hunt only when there is a requirement or need for food, and that might be the case in this incident where these peacocks are walking so close to leopards and are still unharmed,” adding, “Also, the prey picks up the body language of the predator and that’s what might have given this confidence to the peacocks.”



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