Tripping on trance! Amit Duvdevani of 'Infected Mushroom' speaks about the band's love for Indian fans

Feb 07, 2017, 09:00 IST | Soumya Vajpayee Tiwari

Amit Duvdevani of Infected Mushroom discusses the evolution of psy and electronica, and the band's love for Indian fans

Infected Mushroom
Infected Mushroom

Since its inception in 1996, Israeli music outfit, Infected Mushroom, has been on the list of every psy-trance, electronica and psychedelic music aficionado in India. And Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani, Israeli music producers, who formed the band, say they “try to visit India every year”. The duo performed to a packed house last night at the SulaFest 2017. On the sidelines of their gig, Duvdevani got talking about their music, how the band has evolved over the years, why Indian audience is special, and playing music in Israel. Excerpts:

You have been associated with psy-trance and electronic music for two decades. How have these music forms evolved over the years?
Psy and electronica have transitioned from underground to mainstream [integration]. Now, these forms have been subsumed by pop and hip-hop, and artistes who used to play only in forests and deserts are now playing at the biggest festivals in the world.

Has Infected Mushroom also changed with time?
When we started out, it was just the two of us. Over the years, we have expanded our production to include a guitarist and a drummer. Additionally, we play the keyboards live. We have also augmented our stage production over time to include projection mapping, lasers, and other visual elements.

How is it like to play in Israel?
Israel is our home. We get massive support from the home crowd. Sure, there are some old-school fans, who prefer a more ‘pure-psy’ sound, but our audiences are [getting] bigger than ever.

What brings Infected Mushroom back to India often?
India is a special place for us. We have spent so much time here. Besides, the country has a special connect with psychedelic music. Every time we play, the audience goes nuts. It’s a must in our tour schedule.

Are you aware of Bollywood and its music?
We know there’s a strong Bollywood scene, but we aren’t familiar with any of the producers.

Are you working on any new album?
Yes, our latest album, Return To The Sauce, is a return to our roots as psy-trance producers. This record will give old-school fans a big buzz, and we are proud of how it has turned out.

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