Amusement park mishap: Girl needs surgery for fractured jaw

Feb 07, 2014, 07:32 IST | Richa Pinto

Two days after the women were injured when a rollercoaster ride at Adlabs Imagica malfunctioned, the duo are now being treated at a hospital in Mulund

The two women who had been injured after a ride at the Adlabs Imagica theme park tilted suddenly on Wednesday were shifted to an orthopaedic hospital in Mulund to treat their fractures and other injuries.

Mamta Rathi (16) has to undergo an operation to heal her fractured jaw
Mamta Rathi (16) has to undergo an operation to heal her fractured jaw

The Rathis’ first ever visit to the city turned into a horrifying experience after Purnima Rathi, and her 16-year-old daughter Mamta fell off the ‘Bandits of Robin Hood’ rollercoaster at the theme park when it suddenly tipped to one side.

They were initially admitted to Jakotia Nursing Home nearby, but have now been moved to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Dr Mukhi’s Raj Orthopaedic Hospital in Mulund.

MiD DAY report on February 6
MiD DAY report on February 6

The Rathis have relatives in the vicinity of this hospital. Speaking to MiD DAY, Dr Shyamlal Mukhi, orthopaedic surgeon and director of the hospital where the two are admitted, said, “Both are out of danger and fortunately have no head or spine injuries.

The girl has a mandible (lower jaw) fracture and would be required to undergo an operation, while the mother had a wound on her head, which was sutured at the hospital where she was first admitted, and sent. Both are in the ICU only for observation.” The family had come down to Lonavla to attend a wedding and decided to go to the amusement park before returning to West Bengal.

“We were to leave the city on February 8. However, we yet don’t know how much time the two would take to recover,” said Mukund, Purnima’s husband. A relative who did not wish to reveal his name said, “Close to seven members from our family had gone to the park. They were all seated in the ride.

The ride probably malfunctioned and that’s when the emergency brakes were applied. The injuries were caused due to a bad jerk both were conscious, but had started bleeding. We have been receiving calls from worried relatives in Kolkata as well.”

Vashi school students were on a picnic
About 272 Std X students of a school in Vashi, who had just appeared for their prelim exams, had been taken to the theme park on the same day the mishap occurred.

Fr. Abraham Joseph, the principal of St. Mary’s Multipurpose School, said, “A few students witnessed the accident. However, since it’s a huge place, most of the students were on the other side of the park and not where the accident occurred.

We did have worried parents who rushed to the school, showing us pictures of the mishap that had gone viral on social networking sites. A few parents also contacted the teachers who had accompanied the children to the park. Luckily, all our children were safe and nobody suffered any injuries.” Seven teachers had accompanied the kids.

Saroj Tiwari, the class teacher of Std X-D of the school, told this newspaper, “I did receive calls from worried parents, but we assured them that everyone was safe. Most children didn’t even know an accident had taken place.”

Rs 1,600 cr
Amount spent on the park

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