An Anna Hazare supporter in 'Bigg Boss 6'?

Oct 04, 2012, 08:51 IST | Sonali Joshi Pitale

Sources say that a staunch supporter of Anna Hazare has been roped in as a participant on the controversial reality show

The previous seasons of Bigg Boss has had its fair share of rather colourful characters inside the house. The upcoming sixth season was expected to have a commoner or even someone who works for social causes. Now our sources say that a staunch supporter of social activist Anna Hazare could be a house inmate on this season of the show.

Kumar Vishwas

Our source says, “Kumar Vishwas is a professor hailing from Rajasthan. He was a part of Anna’s recent anti-corruption movement. Apparently it was Kumar who was interested in joining the show, so he contacted the makers.” Vishwas is said to be the ‘common man’ that the host Salman Khan was inviting in the show’s promos. The source adds, “We wanted to have a person who has a clean image and has done some social work.” Vishwas was even jailed for a brief period of time due to his participation in Anna’s movement.  

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