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May 23, 2014, 09:17 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Electronica lovers have much to cheer for as UK-based DJ Benjamin Damage will wow the city crowds as part of his four city tour

UK-based DJ Benjamin Damage, who is known for his old school dance classics and futuristic beats, will be visiting India during his four-city tour by the Red Bull Music Academy.

The Welsh-born Techno musician is performing in the city this weekend. As a DJ, he has performed at some of the biggest festivals in the world including Movement in Detroit, Sonar and Melt, sharing the stage with Giorgio Moroder in New York and performing at Berlin’s legendary Techno club Berghain.

We chatted with the DJ about his music and debut tour of the country. Excerpts from the interview:

Q. Describe your music. What is your approach while composing a piece?
A. Actually, sometimes I have my theory in my head already and then I try to make different sounds or I just carry on till something gets really interesting. Then I go back and keep building on it. We put a lot of work into making a good track.

DJ Benjamin Damage
(Top right and below) DJ Benjamin Damage

Q. After you have performed at several festivals and venues all over the world, which audience is your favourite?
A. I think that would be Berghain. Maybe because it’s the best club in the world. After playing there you can’t really get nervous. It’s a really fun crowd. The sound system is incredible. It’s also because it was part of my solo launch. It was a special moment. It’s the place where it all happened.

Q. Have you heard any Indian/Bollywood music? How do you find the country?
A. I actually haven’t experienced any Bollywood music so far. But I am looking forward to it. This is my first time to India. I am loving the energy here.

DJ Benjamin Damage

Q. Which bands/artistes are your inspirations?
A. I’m very much into the Boards of Canada kind of sound. I still think that the original Detroit sound was very dear and still stands fresh today. Like for example- Kevin Saunderson and Deric May. I think these people have the start of something new. It always has punch when it’s new.

Q. Do you think Electronic Dance Music (EDM) overpowers other genres of music globally? What can artistes do to preserve the old school music?
A. I think its got its place but it’s almost replaced Rock music in America. If you go to Europe, EDM is not really as popular. Whereas genres like Techno are very popular. The debate is on the definition of EDM. Some people take it as a genre. Some people take it literally like Electronic Dance Music.

On: May 24, 8 pm onwards
At: Euriska, next to Koregaon Park Plaza, Koregaon Park Annexe.
Call: 8657473408

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