An Indian arrangement

Jun 28, 2012, 11:02 IST | Surekha S

When Indian-American copywriter Ashok Khosla came to India to find himself a bride, little did he know that he would not just encounter future brides but also his own conflicted emotions and ethnicity.

The film, A Decent Arrangement, is about Khosla (Adam Laupus) and his journey across India for an arranged marriage. It has been written, directed and produced by Sarovar Banka. The film also stars Shabana Azmi, who helps Khosla in hisquest. 

A still from the film A Decent Arrangement

Through the journey he encounters many people, including an American woman and an Indian girl he is set up with, who captivates him. His experiences make him encounter the complexities of cultural traditions and his own feelings. The film is a subtle comedy that explores our search for identity and a place in this changing world. It released a year back and has received great reviews. Here’s your chance to catch the film while it is being screened in the city.

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