An Italian mix-up

Jan 30, 2013, 11:28 IST | Tanveer Bookwala

The newly opened international pizzeria, Pizza Metro Pizza in Bandra promises the best of Italian fare and a soothing ambiance, but fails to appeal to your taste buds

Pizza Metro Pizza in Bandra is a visual treat. The pizzeria, with its international styling, is ornamented with bright terracotta tiles and a neon tinge fills the air. As the trend goes among fancy eateries today, frescoes adorn the wall to maintain uniformity with other branches around the world.

A wood fire oven is set up in an open kitchen manned by two Caucasian males in chef hats — very American pizza style. The menu offers a large selection of antipasti and pizzas in numerous combinations.

Pizza Metro Pizza features an open wood fire oven. Salsiccia E Sweet Peppers is a pizza made with mozzarella, sausages, sweet peppers and rocket, a Mediterranean vegetable. Pics/ Sayed Sammer Abedi

All is well until then. The pretty owner comes to take our order. Speaking in an Indian and half-British accent, she recommends some of the offerings. We order a Spaghetti Alla Carbonara (Rs 650) and a Salsiccia E Sweet Peppers (Rs 850).

Now, there are two ways to evaluate this night out: first, is by looking at it from the perspective of average pizza lovers (also the majority) who are used to delicious fare and secondly, through the small number of people who have dined in pizzerias around the world looking for the authentic dining experience. Either way, it should lead to a mouth-watering fare, which doesn’t happen at Pizza Metro Pizza.

The Spaghetti Alla Carbonara arrives first. This preparation can make your eyes roll back into your head with pleasure, if done correctly. It’s basic preparation of bacon, eggs, and pasta, but like most things with few ingredients, there is a technique that binds all the magic together, and if you don’t have great ingredients or preparation going on, it’s a let down: exactly what happened here.

The spaghetti feels creamy but raw, almost uncooked. We had to hunt for the bacon. We couldn’t taste the eggs. This experience for Rs 650? No thank you.

The Salsiccia E Sweet Peppers is a pizza made with mozzarella, sausages, sweet peppers and rocket, a vegetable most Indians might have never heard of or seen. It’s a type of green lettuce popular in Italy and France.

The shoots of rocket are said to have a hazelnut taste while the leaves can be bitter. Our version is covered in rocket making it look more like a salad and less like a pizza. When we separate the ‘rocket’, there’s a scrubby layer of toppings on an incredibly tepid pizza with neither crunch nor taste. The bill arrives and with only two Cokes added to the above, we are at Rs 2,000. Not our idea of a good evening.

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