An ode to the rain gods

Jul 02, 2012, 11:35 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

The Guide checks out an exhibition by Pune artists who pay tribute to the monsoon

Tilting Art Gallery at Ishanya Mall has organised an exhibition celebrating the monsoon. The gallery has brought together artists Jayanta Pandit, Varsha Pandit, Sunil Mestry, Deepak Sutar, Sachin Naik, Vilas Kulkarni, Ananta Mandal, Nivas Kanhere, Prashant Hirlekar, Mohan Jadhav and Sandeep Yadav, who will exhibit their works.

An umbrella serves as canvas for one of the installations

The paintings depict water in various forms, including raindrops, rivulets, puddles, waterfalls, as well as buildings and trees awash in the rain. Artist Jayanta Pandit, who has four of his paintings being exhibited, says, “The monsoon is the season of emotions; the scenery creates a surge of emotions that are expressed on canvas.”

One of the paintings on display

“It’s a group exhibition with different artists expressing their outlook on the rains,” says artist Ananta Mandal. Mandal adds, “This is the best platform to articulate the monsoon, because as an artist you get emotionally attached, easily, to nature and want to share that attachment through your work.”
Stop by the exhibition to catch a glimpse of the rains through artists’ eyes.

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