An online shopping app with an incentive

Aug 11, 2013, 06:09 IST | Deepali Dhingra

The new mobile application launched by Red Quanta lets you select shopping options, to perform audits on the go

Shopping never needs any incentive. Ask any girl. But what if there is an incentive behind it? Well, if a sense of adventure and shopping for free sounds interesting enough to you, read on!

Mystery shopping’s still a somewhat new concept for this country and Red Quanta’s trying to do just that. So how does this work? Well, one of India’s largest mystery shopping firms, Red Quanta, ties up with business establishments who wish to analyse various aspects of their business and receive feedback. Red Quanta steps in and with the help of a database of registered mystery shoppers, helps perform an audit.

The app can be used to shop for food, clothes and certain services

Some of the companies that have tied up with Red Quanta include Sony, Reliance Digital, French Connection, Calvin Klien, Pepsi, ITC, Nissan, Mahindra, Hyundai, Samsung, Mad Over Donuts, Mocha, D’decor, Enrich among others. And that’s where you, as the mystery shopper, come in!

Even though the company’s been around for four years, it’s now that they have launched a mobile app RedQuanta that helps mystery shoppers become aware of shopping assignments on-the-go.

Says Pankaj Guglani, CEO, Red Quanta, “At the moment, it’s available only for iPhones and androids. You can download it for free, register yourself on it and select assignments. If your profile matches that of the service required, then somebody from our team will get in touch with you.

” The idea behind launching the app, according to Chief Marketing Officer Prerna Bhutani, is to make the entire experience for the shopper hassle-free. “The concept of mystery shopping works well when you make it easy for anyone who’s doing a mystery audit, to be able to access assignments and to enter feedback,” she adds.

The company is trying to roll out some other features of the mobile app in phases. “What we’re trying to do in the near future, is trying to make people enter feedback as they undergo the service. They will be able to enter their observations and post pictures as well.

So it will be real-time. The idea being that people have moved on from laptops to smart phones and we want to capture the phenomenon as it happens.” she says. The other aspect of the app, that works in the company’s favour, is that Red Quanta would be able to cross-check if the shopper actually went for the audit or not. “There are always chances of fraud. With this app, shoppers will have to check in, so we can capture the location and time and help authenticate data that clients want,” says Pankaj.

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