An uber cool cab ride in Mumbai

Apr 28, 2014, 09:20 IST | Dhara Vora

Get your private driver at the touch of a button through Uber that makes hailing a cab easier than ever before

Trying to get a cab to reach that important meeting on time always seems like a Herculean task. And, the city’s unforgiving heat guarantees that by the time you reach your destination, wearing your sharpest suit might seem like a smart idea gone horribly wrong.

Varun Mundkur. Pics/Shadab Khan

But, there’s good news as your mobile phone will now come to the rescue with an app, Uber, that you can download on your iPhone or Android phone. The app of this transportation network company that is available across 100 cities globally, gets your exact location through GPS, and connects you with the closest car they have to your location.

Shailesh Sawlani

Once you place your request, the car will reach your destination. The payment option is cashless; you feed in your credit card details when you sign up for the app (they plan to offer debit card services soon) and as you reach your destination, the money will be charged on your card. You can even invite a friend to share the ride with you and the fare will then be split on each of your cards. Currently, they offer services from Andheri towards the southern end of the city; however, you can start your trips in these sections and end in any other area of the city.

Varun Mundkur, launcher of Uber told us, “We want to test the market and so, we started this service in a particular region. Also, the cars on offer range from an Innova to Mercedes S Class, all with a base fare of R200 for (approximately 5/6 km). So, whichever car is near your location will pick you up, at the same cost. We plan to launch economy cars later.” The application offers other facilities too — you can rate your driver post your trip, and the driver can rate you too. “The application is free to download,” says Shailesh Sawlani, general manager, Uber, Mumbai.

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