Andheri's newest restaurant is the perfect place to unwind

Oct 03, 2014, 22:34 IST | Kanika Sharma

Quite like the name that has no rhyme or reason, Heaven's Dog, Andheri's newest chill zone is all about “just” being happy and in heaven

Heaven's dog
Food: Delicious
Service: Courteous
Ambiance: Cosy

The season to let your hair down has just begun. The opening of Heaven’s Dog is more reason to get those glasses clicking in Andheri. This humungous restaurant and bar has three options — club with lounge chairs and bar stools, al fresco with cushy cane sofas, and bar stools and a terrace bedecked with cane and lounge furniture — where all three could be independent establishments on their own.

The Whiskey Base was smooth and heady
 The Whiskey Base was smooth and heady

Diners can enjoy plenty of privacy with the space. Feet up, hair down, and beer (Tuborg priced Rs 200, tax-exclusive) and Whisky Base (Rs 450) for company, we enjoyed the club music that felt like the perfect background score to our audible conversation. Our drink was a mix of orange juice, whisky and amaretto. Smooth but strong, the drink was pleasurable in sips.

Heaven’s Dog
Heaven’s Dog is one of the rare clubs that has ample distance seating options giving diners sufficient privacy

The food menu, like the drinks, is snappy but indelible. Most dishes lure one into a bite. Curious names like Kalbadevi Mutton Burger (Rs 400), Arabian Beauty (Rs 450/550), Rustoms’ Secret (Rs 400) and 18 Hours Drive (Rs 250) piqued the palate and imagination. More than looking forward to Auckland Basa (Rs 450) and Panjim Pride (Rs 450), we stuck to the gut and girth.

Panjim Pride
Panjim Pride is a delicious pick.  Pics/ Satyajit Desai

Timely and polite our attendant presented the Basa, which was dunked in a mushroom sauce that had a sweet pungency to it.

With broccoli and cherry tomatoes for company, our palate was treated with many textures and subtle flavours — smooth (fish) and crunchy but garlic-buttery (broccoli). The delish Panjim Pride had its share of batter-fried prawns, Goan curry tipped perfectly in a balance of chilli and acidity. The manager later proudly related the chef’s Goan lineage.

For dessert, we asked for an Ice Cream Sandwich (Rs 150), which turned out to be a big mistake, and an awful end to an otherwise buoyant meal. The chocolate ice cream encased in crisp wafers was tasteless and the barren dessert made one feel cheated. Such mistakes need to be rectified, quickly.

Yet, the experience was heightened with its tasteful lighting and casual feel that offers today’s diner more tang and panache for their palate.


At: Off New Link Road, KL Walawalkar Marg, Jeevan Nagar, Bhudargarh Colony, opposite Star Bazaar, Andheri (W).
Call: 2226744805/ 09769623670
Heaven’s Dog didn’t know we were there. the guide reviews anonymously and pays for its meals.

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