Andrew Flintoff to open fish and chips shop in London?

Jan 04, 2013, 22:30 IST | Agencies

Flintoff, it seems, isn't impressed with the quality of fish and chips shops in London and wants to open his own selling market-fresh fish.

Former England captain Andrew Flintoff is so unconvinced with the quality of fish and chips shops in London that he is now planning to open his own.

The cricketer-turned boxer is in talks with TV producers about a new TV series, where he will run a takeaway with his wife Rachael Wools, the Daily Mail reported.

Now, Andrew Flintoff wants to open a fish and chips shop. File Pic

The move would be the latest in Flintoff's post-cricket career after he won his professional boxing debut in Manchester against American heavyweight Richard Dawson.

A source said that Flintoff would be front of house but his wife Rachael, who has a background in catering and events, would run the business.

Interestingly, Flintoff won't be the first English cricketer to start a fish and chip restaurant. Ex-England and Yorkshire cricketer Chris Old opened a fish and chip restaurant in Cornwall.

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