Andy's style mantra

Jul 05, 2012, 09:27 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

As the host of a dating reality show, VJ Andy certainly has his dating tips ready to dole out any time

But the stylish VJ, who loves traveling all over the world and meeting new people, is known for his fashion statements as well. In a candid chat with CS, Andy speaks about about his fashion style and more:

Fashion forward
My style statement is something I don’t knowingly work on. It’s inherent to my personality. I’m attracted to certain shapes, colours and prints and all these evolve and change as I grow and learn and develop my aesthetic sense. I think you could say that the way I dress invites people into the way I think,
and allows them into my world.

Find your fit
Make sure you have your basics covered. Basics are essential groundwork to any fashion statement you may want to make. Secondly, find a voice in the crowd; you can stand out without shouting. Find a way of complimenting your personality through accessories. Try not to overdo it as less is always more in such cases. Also, make sure you find your fit. I can’t stress this more, finding the fit that fits you best is really important. When clothes fit, you will automatically look and feel better.

VJ moments
It’s impossible for me to choose a favourite VJ. I love VJ Juhi for her style and music knowledge, and VJ Hose for his humour. I’d love to go to the good old days, of Semi Girebal and Lola Kutti. I have laughed so much watching Cyrus Sahukar and Anu Menon. 

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