Angelina Jolie opens school in Afghanistan

Apr 03, 2013, 05:46 IST | Agencies

Angelina Jolie is putting her money where her mouth is

The actress and special envoy of the United Nations’ refugee agency has opened her heart - and her wallet - to fund a girls-only school in Afghanistan.

Angelina Jolie will be selling jewellery to fund her charity projects and to be able to build more schools. File Pic

The mum-of-six’s education initiative will educate 200-300 girls just outside of the country’s capital Kabul when the actress makes her Style of Jolie designs available to stores. Jolie also plans to pay for more schools by selling a ‘Style of Jolie’ jewellery line that she helped create with jewellery maker Robert Procop.

“Beyond enjoying the artistic satisfaction of designing these jewels, we are inspired by knowing our work is also serving the mutual goal of providing for children in need,” Jolie was quoted as saying.

According to the Style of Jolie website, the newly expanded collection includes versions of the black and gold necklace that the actress wore to the premiere of her 2010 movie Salt, a pear-shaped citrine and gold necklace, and rose gold and emerald tablet-shaped rings, earrings and bracelets. No price details were released. The jewellery will go on retail sale for the first time on April 4.

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