Angry Bangladeshi immigrants were provoked by leader

Aug 13, 2012, 06:27 IST | Akela

Investigations have revealed that they were invited to the rally by an organisation, and went on a rampage when its chief said that it was mostly people of their nationality who were being brutalised in Assam and Burma

Preliminary investigations into the riot that shook South Mumbai on Saturday have revealed that the mob was teeming with Bangladeshi nationals. Statements of eyewitness have revealed that the Bangladeshis were instigated by a particular leader who convinced them that mostly Bangladeshis had been subjected to atrocities in Assam and Burma. 

Angry Bangladeshi immigrants
Pic/Atul Kamble

Sources revealed that a newly formed organisation had invited Bangladeshi nationals to participate in the protest rally. When the leader of the organisation allegedly made provocative statements that were sure to instigate the crowd, some other members objected, but the leader pretended not to hear.

The said chief was also instrumental in sending letters to maulanas requesting them to participate in the protest rally.

According to Crime Branch officials, Bangladeshi nationals staying in Mazgaon, Reay Road, Antop Hill, Govandi, Shivaji Nagar, Bhiwandi and Kalyan were approached and urged to participate in the protest rally at Azad Maidan.

Over the years, many Bangladeshi nationals have been booked by the Mumbai police for staying illegally in the country.

A separate branch has been formed within the Special Branch unit-I to arrest and deport Bangladeshi migrants who illegally pour into the city.
“There is vengeance on the minds of these nationals, who have been facing police action on a daily basis.

They participated in the rally in huge numbers, and went on a rampage after they were misguided by certain leaders,” said a police officer from Azad Maidan, on condition of anonymity. 

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