Angry birds fly into your home

Apr 12, 2012, 07:43 IST | Dhara Vora

Their vengeance became the talk of the town. With their varied powers they fought, some of them even till their last breath to avenge the kidnapping of their little ones.

Well, melodrama aside, Angry Birds is a game that became an international rage and honestly, I barely know anyone who has not spent time aiming birds at grungy green pigs.

Smitten by the birds, the shopaholic in me trudged through several pages on the internet looking for super cute merchandise of the game. But, unfortunately not much of it was being shipped to India.

So, I walked through our streets and came across many Angry Birds tees, that have become quite common and can be given a pass. But what about an Angry Bird neckpiece? I found one on a shopping trip to Bandra for Rs 100. I also found cute flip-flops for men and women. The best (and the most expensive) of the lot are these pen drives and speakers that make for quirky home décor items.

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