Anil and Abhinay go the extra mile for '24'

Mar 25, 2013, 08:55 IST | Shaheen Parkar

Producer Anil Kapoor and director Abhinay Deo have been conducting workshops for the cast of their TV show 24 before shooting

Producer-actor Anil Kapoor and director Abhinay Deo are walking the extra mile to make sure all goes well during the shooting of their television show 24 -- the Indian adaptation of the award-wining American television series.

Anil Kapoor with director Abhinay Deo
Anil Kapoor with director Abhinay Deo on the sets of 24

The duo, who handpicked the cast for the show, have been holding workshops for the cast. This exercise is part of the rigorous training the actors and the crew have been undergoing for their roles in the show and also to make them comfortable with each other.

Abhinay Deo
Abhinay Deo enacts a scene

Says a unit source, “Most of the actors were excited yet nervous when they heard about these special workshops prior to the shoot. But they later realised it was more of an ice-breaking activity. It enabled the cast and crew to get along well way before we started shooting together.”

Adds the source, “Usually some filmmakers have full rehearsals prior to the shoot. But on the small screen it is not common. It was Anil’s idea to conduct such workshops.”

Deo reveals, “These workshops work as an ice-breaker and were part of the role play of the actors. These guys have to work together for a long time and it always works when the actors are comfortable with each other -- it shows on screen. The workshop process was in-depth and intrinsic.”

The show slated to air on Colors in mid-2013 has Kapoor play a role inspired by Jack Bauer, which was originally played by American actor Kiefer Sutherland. 

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