Anil Kapoor: I forgot to say Jhakaas in 'Family Guy'

May 27, 2016, 08:41 IST | Letty Mariam Abraham

Anil Kapoor talks about his cameo in the finale of American animation show 'Family Guy'; discusses his ideas behind bringing international shows like 'Prison Break', 'Modern Family' to India

Anil Kapoor has a lot going on. He recently revealed his 'Family Guy' avatar, which apparently goes on air this Sunday. He has also bought the Hindi remake rights to US drama 'Prison Break' and is hunting for the perfect cast for 'Modern Family's desi version besides shooting for '24'. Despite juggling multiple projects, the actor just doesn't want to stop. hitlist caught up with him for a brief chat...

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Q. How was it dubbing for an international animated series ('Family Guy')?
A. The dubbing theatre was nothing like I had imagined. I gave a lot of takes and they (the makers) took whatever they liked best.

Anil Kapoor
Anil Kapoor

Q. Did you give any inputs for your look?
A. I don't take myself too seriously. I just went there and had a lot of fun — especially since it's an adult animated series. Usually, animated series are for kids, but 'Family Guy' is popular worldwide, and appeals to all age groups. In the finale of every season, they ask a celebrity to lend their voice for a cameo. Celebs like Johnny Depp, Barack Obama, Brad Pitt have lent their voice in previous seasons and this year, they asked me to be part of it.

Q. Will we hear you mouth your trademark dialogue?
A. I wanted to, but while recording I got so carried away with the character that it completely slipped my mind. I forgot to say Jhakaas!

Q. What is the status of '24' season 2 and 'Modern Family' Hindi version?
A. 24 is 70 per cent shot. The pre-production of Modern Family is underway. I will start 'Prison Break' after wrapping up 24. Prison Break is very Indian with sibling love, drama, jail, freedom, action and emotions.

Q. Have you locked the cast for desi 'Modern Family'?
A. I have my wish list for both 'Modern Family' and 'Prison Break', but a lot depends on their availability. There are people I want but they are not as committed and some want to do it but they don't have much time. You need to be passionate about television; it's a different ballgame all together. Usually people do TV just as time pass or to make money, but for me, it's of utmost

Q. 'Modern Family' showcases a married gay couple. Do you think the audience here is ready for that?
A. I have never done things based on whether the audience is ready or not. I just go with my gut. You win some and you lose some. Be it the biggest filmmaker or an artist, no one has a 100 per cent track record. Why should I have that fear?

Q. As per TRPs, '24' worked well with the urban audience, but didn't hit bull's eye in rural areas…
A. That's true. But people, who didn't watch the first season while it was being aired, caught up with it online and repeat episodes and that's how the popularity of the show increased. So, maybe with the second season, more people will watch it and the show will get better ratings. Fingers crossed. And if it doesn't, we will keep coming up with season after season until they (channel) completely stop making them.

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