Anil Kapoor jumps to the rescue

May 17, 2013, 08:28 IST | Kunal M Shah

The actor sent help for Shakeel Khan who sustained blast injuries on the sets of his remake of American series '24'

Looks like Anil Kapoor has a new fan. Actor Shakeel Khan, who sustained injuries on the sets of Kapoor’s upcoming TV series 24, is grateful to the senior actor for coming to his aid.

Anil Kapoor

Khan apparently got severely injured while shooting for the Indian adaptation of the American TV show. The actor was initially disgruntled by the way the production handled his accident due to which he suffered injuries on his right hand.

Shakeel Khan

Says the actor, “We were shooting in Worli and in one of the scenes gun shots were to be fired. However, the stunt co-coordinator didn’t do my padding properly and my hand was injured as a result of the blast.” Though he resumed shooting thereafter, it was only later that he realised the severity of his injury.

After the production guys rushed him to a local hospital in Dadar, he was refused admission due to the nature of his wounds.

Khan adds, “Kapoor had already left the sets when the incident took place. I was dropped at my home in Andheri and later went to a neighbourhood hospital for my treatment.”

However, much to his surprise Khan received a bunch of flowers and a letter from Kapoor enquiring about his health. The actor adds, “He assured me that I would be taken care of. He sent his car for me and even asked me to visit his doctor who started treating me. I believe he gave a earful to his production guys for not informing him immediately about my injury.”

Later, the show’s stunt director Alan Amin visited Khan with the rest of his team. 

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