Anil Kapoor's secret elixir for his looks and fitness

Jul 29, 2013, 08:41 IST | Jigar Shah

It's apparently water therapy that is to credit for Anil Kapoor's fighting fit physique

He may be 57-year-old, but Anil Kapoor is known for giving tough competition to his peers when it comes to matters of looks and fitness. And insiders say the secret concoction behind his eternal looks is the seemingly simple water therapy.

Anil Kapoor

So much so that his nephew Arjun Kapoor recently was overheard saying how young women looked up to his uncle for inspiration. A source close to the senior Kapoor spills the beans, “Anil follows each step of his fitness regime quite thoroughly.

For three days, he stays off solid food and instead drinks a solution of water and vital nutrients a mix of carbs and minerals. On the fourth day, he has some light food and gradually goes back to eating towards the end of the week. The cycle repeats every Monday.”

And not just that, a doctor comes to visit Kapoor every day to keep a tab on his blood pressure and other vital parametres. “He has been following this routine for a couple of years now,” add the source. Kapoor says, “No rocket science drinking four or five litres of water everyday.” 

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