'Anil's a perfectionist, Sonam pushes boundaries �'

Apr 04, 2012, 08:35 IST | Hiren Kotwani

Designer Kunal Rawal, who is styling Anil Kapoor in his forthcoming film, gives his verdict on the stars' fashion quotients

Looks like Aamir Khan is not the only perfectionist in the industry. There’s another AK who’s at least as fastidious about everything he does, if not more. And that’s Anil Kapoor! Kunal Rawal, who’s designing the actor’s outfits for his cop avatar in his forthcoming film, is all praises for Kapoor.

While some may reason that an actor’s fussiness can be too much to handle, Kunal is sure Kapoor’s particularity is actually an advantage.

“That way whatever issues need to be addressed, are taken care of before stepping on to the sets,” he says, adding, “Anil is such a perfectionist that you can be assured if you miss out on some small detail, he won’t.”

The case of curiosity
According to the designer, Kapoor is so involved in playing his character that he keeps asking questions about the kinds of outfits being tailored for him. “If the fit is straight or curvier, Anil wants to know why it is like that,” reveals Kunal, stating that an actor’s involvement makes his work all the more enjoyable.

Kapoor’s next is based on the encounter of Mumbai underworld don, Manya Surve, in 1981. Interestingly, Kunal informs that meeting with real cop, Isaque Bagwan, on whom the actor’s character is based, also helped him add detailing to the actor’s outfits.

Designer Kunal Rawal with Isaque Bagwan

“It helped in creating the authentic uniform that cops wore in the late 1970s and early ’80s. Also important was the information that the civilian clothes Bagwan wore were a little looser around the waist, so he could hide his weapon(s) under them,” reveals the designer.

Like father, like daughter
Needless to say, Kapoor’s fastidiousness is reflected in daughter Sonam. Although he hasn’t worked with the actress yet, Kunal says, “The involvement and the energy are certainly some of the aspects she has imbibed from her father. Sonam is quite a style icon today and pushes the boundaries when it comes to fashion.”

Apart from Kapoor’s character, meeting Isaque Bagwan also acquainted Kunal with Manya Surve, the gangster on whom John Abraham’s character in the film is based. For someone who’s known for his looks, John is not too bothered about it, mentions the designer. “Due to his background in fashion, John knows what works for him,” concludes Kunal. 

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