Anime mania is here

Sep 09, 2011, 09:58 IST | Sriraj Ray

This festival featuring more than 14 films is in the Capital to thrill the lovers of Japanese animation

This festival featuring more than 14 films is in the Capital to thrill the lovers of Japanese animation

Interested in Manga? Do complex plots and sub-plots give you a thrill? Do you swear by graphic novels? Then this is the place to be this weekend. A carnival celebrating Japanese art and culture is taking place in the Capital over the weekend where you can watch the screenings of Japanese Anime films while biting into sushi delicacies, and washing them  down with Japanese tea.

Organised by Cine Darbaar in association with Marwah Studios, The Japanese Foundation, Japanese Association and Bande Apart, the second Anime Convention aims to increase public awareness about this Eastern nation.
Nitesh Rohit from Cine Darbaar said: "We want to launch a forum wherein Anime enthusiasts can get together and share ideas and opinions. Anime comprises everything from Japanese animation to design to food."

And true to that, there is something for everyone here. Movie buffs can sit back and enjoy 14 Anime films spanned over three days, starting today. Little ones can take part in workshops and quizzes on Japan, Anime, Manga and video games. They can also participate in a treasure hunt where they will have to decipher various Anime clues to win the ultimate treasure.

Teenagers can head to the gaming consoles for competitions on PS3 and XBOX 360, while others can play a free session of Mario, Sonic, Donkey Kong and Contra. And foodies, apart from tasting different Japanese delicacies, can even learn to cook some Japanese cuisines by an expert cook! Animation in India is mainly inspired by Hollywood. "We have a lot of scope to learn from Anime and adopt novel techniques in depicting Bollywood plots," said Rohit. Will this convention start a platform to take this idea forward? Are our filmmakers ready for a change? Time will tell, but for now we can safely go back to enjoying the good ol' Mario.

At Marwah Studios, Sector 16 A, Film City, Noida
Till September 11
Timings 11 am to 7 pm
Call 951202515254

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