Reform him, do not hang him: Retired High Court judge on Ankur Panwar

Sep 09, 2016, 08:46 IST | Hemal Ashar

Retired High Court judge Hosbet Suresh says the need of the hour is to convert offenders into non-offenders; advocates anti-capital punishment

Hosbet Suresh

Hosbet Suresh

“Death penalty is not the solution,” says Hosbet Suresh, retired High Court judge. Suresh, who is a well-known anti-capital punishment activist says, “I am against the death penalty in principle,” about the Preeti Rathi case, where the acid attack victim’s killer has been given the death penalty.

According to Suresh, the State has to concentrate on, “reformation. We have to reform the guilty. It also does not mean that the attacker has to get away scot-free. Put him inside jail, punish him but all through, the efforts must be on to convert offenders into non-offenders.”

Violation of rights
Claiming that the death penalty violates fundamental rights, when asked why he does not consider the other side that the girl and her family are humans and have rights, Suresh said, “I have full sympathy and support for the family of the girl who died. The State has to do everything for the family.”

When told again that the attacker allegedly has shown no remorse, Suresh stated, “he may not show remorse now, maybe, down the line he will be remorseful.”

When asked if he would feel the same, if his family member or even his daughter suffered the same fate he stated, “Yes,” then added, “Personal feelings are different. The State cannot come down to the level of the individual. We must join the league of nations, which have outlawed capital punishment.”

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