Another actor's trailer can't damage my film: Shah Rukh Khan

Oct 24, 2014, 08:20 IST | Asira Tarannum

On the eve of 'Happy New Year' release, Shah Rukh Khan speaks to us on his unparalleled energy and how he is too involved to be hassled about competition. Excerpts...

You work round the clock— meetings, shoots, performances, travel — and now you are giving interviews at 1:30am...
If you stop, you cannot do so many things together. I am not time bound and neither does time bound me. If I take something up, I ensure that I complete it on time, no matter how long we have to work on it. I don’t look at my schedule; if I am told that something has to be done, I do it. I enjoy working on a tight deadline.

Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

There is a lot of buzz about your eight-pack abs, which you will flaunt in Happy New Year, and that you got a special machine for workout.
Time management is difficult for some people because they think of a day as 12 hours. I think of the day as 16-18 hours. When I go home, I like to spend time with my kids. So if am shooting too late, I’ll miss them and call them up. If I have a day off, then I don’t do my office work at home. I don’t answer calls. So, I exercise at 12am.

There were reports that AbRam has made an appearance in Happy New Year...
Not really. Farah (Khan) has just got a shot of her kids playing with AbRam on the sets. That has been used for the end credits song sequence. Even Gauri is there in the shot.

P.K.’s theatrical trailer has been attached to Happy New Year and comparisons are being made. How do you see this in your scheme of things?
It is okay. Why should it be an issue? We actors are so involved in our own work that we don’t have time to see what the other person is doing. Honestly, when Singham was releasing, the marketing team suggested that we attach our trailer with it. We went and bought it from the exhibitors but then Ajay called and offered to do it for free, which was an amazing gesture. So, now I do that and it’s illogical to think that others won’t do it for you. If someone thinks another actor’s trailer is going to damage my film, it’s stupid.

You were one of the first celebs to own a cricket team and now many stars are supporting various sports. Any plans to be involved in other games?
We actually have a sports company — a professional team of 20 people working round the year for sports. It was formed during the initial seasons of IPL. We won two (IPL) championships, we have almost broken even and are doing well. Whether it’s kabaddi, hockey, football or Formula One, the team looks at it, not because we are buying a stake or to flaunt our celebrity status. We’re running a sports company so we have to look at it like a business. If we have not been involved in other sports leagues it is because we don’t have the resources, manpower or the funding to run two leagues.

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