Anti Corruption Bureau to shame corrupt babus on Facebook

Aug 16, 2014, 06:33 IST | Vinay Dalvi

The ACB has decided to start a Facebook page, on which it will upload pictures of those caught accepting bribes, the sum they took and cash and valuables found in their house

There's a new page to ‘like’ on Facebook that of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB). The ACB is all set to soon launch a page on the social networking page, on which it plans to shame those caught taking bribes by uploading their pictures. ACB officials say this will help curb the practice of bribery through public embarrassment on social media, in front of friends and family.

Pic for representation/Thinkstock
Pic for representation/Thinkstock

The ACB has, for long, been publishing pictures of those caught in the act, on its website. However, they wish to use the hugely popular platform of Facebook to reach out to people. “People get caught once but, after getting reinstated, indulge in the same activity again.

This page will help us reduce such cases. We will ask the youth to visit the ACB page, so that when the pictures are circulated on Facebook, even the children of the accused, if he/she has any, can see what their parents have done,” said an ACB officer.

Along with the picture, the ACB will also furnish details of the amount the individual was taking as a bribe when he/she was caught, along with the findings of the search carried out in his house i.e. cash, jewellery found in the accused officer’s home.

Being social
The state ACB has laid 722 corruption traps till date, and arrested over a thousand people. Last year, the ACB laid around 344 traps and nabbed 448 people in the act from January to August. Ever since Director General of Police Pravin Dixit has taken over the ACB, the Bureau has upped the ante.

Dixit has even started ACB mobile vans outside all major government departments, so that they can increase public interaction and there can be more people approaching them with corruption cases. The ACB has also requested the state to provide it with an office premises near a prominent station like Dadar, so that it is easier for people to get in touch with them the present office in Worli is relatively far.

ACB Speak
Praveen Dixit, director general, ACB, confirmed that there is a plan to open a Facebook page soon. “It will start in the next week.

Praveen Dixit

The aim of this page will be to shame the corrupt babus.” He further said that the ACB also plans to take tips and information about corrupt officers, from the people on the page.

Traps this year: 722

People arrested: 1,000

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