Anti F1 protests heat up in Bahrain

Apr 18, 2012, 09:50 IST | PA Sport

Anti-Formula One banners were yesterday carried by protesters in the latest rally to be staged in Bahrain.


Unlike Monday’s demonstration in Salmabad that culminated in violent clashes between police and rioters, yesterday’s event in Al Dair on the outskirts of the airport ended peacefully. 

Bahraini Shiite Muslims hold up banners in demonstration against the upcoming Bahrain GP in Muharraq yesterday. PicC/AFP

This was the more acceptable face of protesting in Bahrain as a 5,000-strong crowd made their voices heard without resorting to throwing petrol bombs and stones at riot police.
On this occasion the pro-democracy throng was spearheaded by a group of children carrying a banner, 12 feet by four, with the words ‘Our demand: Freedom — Not: Formula 1’.
It also sported the F1 trademark, with the ‘F’ replaced by a smoking sub-machine gun. 
Another large hand-scrawled placard also called for no F1 in the kingdom, whilst at one stage the crowd chanted anti-F1 slogans. 

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