Anti-moral policing protest to go from virtual to real

Jun 15, 2012, 07:03 IST | Urvashi Seth

Night owls, partygoers meet in Bandra to discuss the next step; will take their protest from social networking sites to the streets

The virtual protest initiated by the city’s night owls and partygoers against the recent events of moral policing will soon be taken to the streets. At a meeting held in Bandra, attended by a group of young partygoers, a unanimous decision was taken to fight for their right to party.

United we stand: The group of partygoers met in Bandra yesterday and have decided to take to the streets to save the city’s night life from the clutches of the so-called custodians of morals. Pic/Shadab Khan

“Enough of writing on Facebook and Twitter, raising concerns over how Mumbai’s nightlife is going kaput. Now we are planning to take to the streets. We have to unite and show the youth strength. Though the time has changed, but our old laws haven’t. One needs to understand that the law dates back to 60s and we need to change it with time. Population of Mumbai too has increased, salaries have increased, lifestyle has changed, but unfortunately the laws are still archaic,” Rahul Kanal, a Bandra resident, said.

Kanal added that the protest would be on behalf of all those citizens, who enjoy, or want to enjoy city’s nightlife. At present, the group is busy spreading awareness about its campaign, and voicing its concerns about the strong-arm tactics implemented by Social Service Branch ACP Vasant Dhoble, to oppress the city’s nightlife.

“We will not let people like Dhoble kill our freedom and our right to party. Where was the government when the licences were issued? Where were the authorities when venues were allotted? Suddenly an officer has been asked to fight against the illegal practice of pubs. But who is going to look after those cops who take bribes and allow these outlets to operate till late night? This is just ridiculous. First they need to clean and discipline their own people before asking others. We will have music and we will dance too. Let the cops arrest us,” said one of the group members, who was present at yesterday’s meeting. 

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