Anti-women politicians should go home: Ramesh

Jan 11, 2013, 13:00 IST | Agencies

Taking a strong stand against the statements made by some politicians after the Delhi gangrape incident, Union Minister Jairam Ramesh today said such people should be asked to "go home".

The minister said he felt "diminished as a human being" after the December incident which has hurt India's image across the world. 

"None of us have come out of this looking good. Personally as a man, as an Indian, I felt demeaned by what happened. I felt diminished as a human being," he said.

Asked whether those who made insensitive statements should be punished or not, Ramesh said, "Privately I think anybody who makes such comments should be asked to go home. You make this comment with full knowledge. It is not that you have been misquoted... I find it appalling actually."

Jairam Ramesh
Union Minister Jairam Ramesh (File pic)

Justifying the angry reaction from masses after the incident, he said the opportunity should be used to sensitise people and initiate political reforms in the country.

"There is anger against the political class and political process, which I think is perfectly justified... I would be the first to say that political class must look inwards. Why are we taking so much time on electoral reforms? Why are we giving tickets to criminals? Why are we giving tickets to people against whom rape charges have been framed," he said.

He said people are asking legitimate questions from the political parties. "Why can't the political parties change their way of funding? The greatest source of black money in our country today is political financing. But there is no major reforms in this," he said.

Ramesh suggested abolishing the MPLAD scheme and using the money to finance legitimate political activities.

"Ten years ago I had suggested that just abolish MPLADs and put that as state funding of elections. Today we are spending close to Rs 5000 crore a year on MPLADs," he said. 

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