Anupam Kher meets and greets Hollywood stars

Aug 31, 2012, 08:58 IST | Kunal M Shah

On his recent trip to Toronto, Anupam Kher met up with Robert De Niro who has starred alongside the actor in a Hollywood film

On his last trip overseas to attend the special screening of his recent Hollywood film, Anupam Kher met veteran star Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper along with actor Martin Henderson and Ashok Amritraj.

Anupam Kher with Bradley Cooper

Speaking about the event that was held in Canada, Kher says, “I recently had gone to Toronto for my dubbing work and for the release of my book. That’s when I met some of the people. I saw the film and I am extremely happy with what I have done.”

Anupam Kher with Martin Henderson

Elaborating on his trip, Kher says, “I met Gary Marshal when I went out for lunch with Ashok Amritraj. I am looking forward to meeting the entire team of the film officially at the premiere at the Toronto Film Festival on September 8.”

Anupam Kher and Robert De Niro

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